Monday, 24 June, 2024


Archbishop to deliver Easter warning to oppressive rulers

Archbishop to deliver Easter warning to \'oppressive rulers\'

The Archbishop of Canterbury will use his Easter sermons to warn that “those who oppress and subjugate others will face divine justice”.

Justin Welby will tell Canterbury Cathedral that while “cruel and oppressive rulers” may look as though they are only becoming stronger, they will “vanish”.

The sermons will take place at 8.10am and 11am.

“Cruel and oppressive rulers might look as though they only get stronger,” he will say.

“Yet they will vanish: the power of the resurrection is infinitely greater than they are.

“Even in our lifetimes, as we are surrounded by fears, even by evil, we know that those who oppress and subjugate others will face divine justice.

“We know with certainty that policies that cause suffering and pain will fall away.

“We can say surely: all that seeks to deny God has no future – all that shares in the risen life of Jesus is eternal.”

Reflecting on the war in Ukraine, as well as other conflicts around the world, the Archbishop will tell congregants that “we must not lose heart” in the face of conflict.

He will add that this is because “true peace is no aimless daydream, but a reality offered because Christ was raised from the dead. Life triumphs over death, light over darkness”.

Published: by Radio NewsHub

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