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Protesters clash with museum security guards in dinosaur display

Protesters clash with museum security guards in dinosaur display

Two climate change protesters have clashed with museum security guards after they jumped the barrier to a dinosaur display.

Footage shows Just Stop Oil (JSO) members, who the group has named as Daniel Knorr, 21, and Victoria Lindsell, 67, entering the Dippy the Diplodocus exhibit at Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry before being arrested.

A video posted by JSO follows the pair climb over a low metal barrier before being tackled to the ground by staff in high-vis jackets, and later being led away in handcuffs by West Midlands Police (WMP) officers.

One staff member is shown seizing Mr Knorr’s rucksack, while another tackles Ms Lindsell and shouts: “Stop it, stop it now. Do you understand?”

The demonstrators both remove jumpers to reveal white “Just Stop Oil” t-shirts before they are removed.

WMP confirmed that two people were arrested in the museum at around 10am on Monday on suspicion of conspiracy to cause criminal damage.

The force added that “two large bags of dry paint were also seized by officers” and that “protest liaison officers” are still at the scene to “keep people safe and limit disruption to a minimum”.

Ms Lindsell, an English language teacher from Leamington, Warwickshire, said she felt “forced” to take part in the “civil resistance” action because “nothing else has moved our genocidal Government to act for the welfare of all”.

In a statement issued by JSO, she said: “Day after day, we are alerted to the impact of rising carbon emissions, but this dinosaur government crashes on with incentivising yet more fossil fuel extraction, whilst pocketing millions from the industries leading us to extinction.”

Knorr, a student from Oxford, also said he felt he had “no choice” but to take part in the stunt because “we’re barrelling towards suffering, mass death and the annihilation of our species”.

In a statement, he said: “I cannot and will not commit myself to a future of powerlessly watching these horrors unfold. The dinosaurs had no choice – we do.

“Humanity is at risk, as is everything we know and love- our historical artefacts, our art, our heritage.

“Cultural institutions have failed to admit the truth and failed to address the urgency of action.

“It is immoral for institutions to stand by and watch whilst our society faces inevitable collapse.

“We call on everyone involved in arts, heritage and culture to join us in civil resistance.”

Published: by Radio NewsHub

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